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Peru - Huancas Fidel - Natural (87.5 Cupping Score) | Coffee Bean | Light-Medium Roast

RM 65.00

Product Description

**ONLY 200g comes in a tin can**

100% Arabica & No Artificial flavoring

Cupping Score: 87.5

Roast Level: Light-Medium Roast

Tasting Notes: Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate

Process Method: Natural

Varietal: Caturra

Zone: San Ignacio, Cajamarca

Altitude: 1,840 masl

La Esperanza is a coffee that represents hope, dedication, and exceptional flavors. Named after Fidel's farm, this coffee showcases his aspirations to become a leading producer in the region. With a focus on quality and heritage, Fidel, a third-generation coffee farmer, manages his farm with passion and attention to detail.

La Esperanza farm exclusively cultivates the Yellow Caturra variety, carefully chosen for its outstanding performance in northern Peru's unique terroir. Through years of meticulous cultivation, Fidel has replaced older plants to ensure consistent high-quality coffee with excellent cup scores.

Fidel's commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of his farm management. Following recommended practices from the regional cooperative and expert guidance, he leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of perfection. His dedication inspires fellow farmers in the community.

The lot from La Esperanza undergoes a natural processing method. Fidel and his parents personally handpick and sort the cherries, ensuring only the best make it to the next stage. Through a tailored fermentation process, the cherries develop optimal flavors. The coffee is then carefully dried on raised beds and in the solar dryer until reaching ideal moisture levels.

La Esperanza coffee offers a journey of exceptional taste and the essence of hope. Experience the passion, commitment, and distinct flavors that define northern Peru's coffee-growing region. With every sip, savor the artistry and dedication behind La Esperanza's remarkable beans.

Grind Size

Ground (FINE): Moka pot

Ground (Medium): V60 Filter, Aeropress, Chemex, drip coffee

Ground (Coarse): French Press/Cold Brew

Are your beans fresh?

We roast our coffee,

- Daily

- Guaranteed to be shipped out to you within 14 days from the roast date

- Our customers are our pride and joy, and we value you, so let us know if you have any questions.

Worried about HALAL-certified? 

Although we currently are not officially Halal-Certified, rest assured we do not add any product to our beans to make them un-halal. Our beans are all appropriately stored.

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