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Oat Milk War: How One Brand is Taking Over the Malaysian Market

Oat Milk War: How One Brand is Taking Over the Malaysian Market

The Oat milk war, which is more suitable for you? 

We all know that the oat milk trend isn't stopping anytime soon. You can find some of these alternative milk all over coffee shops or cafes in Malaysia, and some even in grocery stores.

But the question on all our minds is, which is the best tasting oat milk in Malaysia? How does it taste like when compared to regular milk?

Being a coffee roastery, we roast our coffee to a certain degree, and precision and repeatability and we won't want the milk/oat milk to overpower or adulterated the taste of the coffee, but instead we would like it to complement it and bring out the perfect flavor and taste that we intend the cup of joe to be.



This was pretty much what I would call the OG of oat milk. This Swedish company was founded in 1994 and did not raise to fame until the year 2015 or so. It further became popular when it announced its partnership with large coffee brands like Starbucks, and even locally Zus Coffee.

Retail Price: RM18/L

Nutty: 4.5/5

Malty: 4/5

Milk steaming texture: 4/5

Pairing with coffee (Latte): 4/5

Overall, Oatly is suitable for those liking something with strong nuttiness, and a creamy mouthful, but when paired with coffee it can overpower the taste of coffee a little.

Minor Figures
Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 12.46.19 PM

This London-based company started the brand with coffee in mind. They have designed this oat milk to pair perfectly with coffee. This is our verdict when tasting it.

Retail Price: RM18-19/L

Nutty: 1/5

Malty: 2/5

Milk steaming texture: 2/5

Pairing with coffee (Latte): 4/5

Minor figures have definitely the lowest nuttiness and maltiness among the bunch. It tastes very similar to skim milk, and some would argue this would in fact pair very well with coffee because it does not overpower any one element. We give it an overall score of 4/5 and would suggest minor figures to those that like something very similar to skim milk.

Milk Lab


This Australian-based company, similar to Minor Figures came up with their oat milk with coffee in mind. On the bottle itself, you can see the sentence "Plant-Based Beverage for Coffee, an Australian collaboration designed to texture and stretch with coffee"

Retail Price: RM15.50/L

Nutty: 2.5/5

Malty: 2.5/5

Milk steaming texture: 3/5

Pairing with coffee (Latte): 3/5

With and without coffee, Milk Lab immediately comes across as very sweet. In terms of Nuttiness and maltiness, it comes also right in between Oatly and Minor Figures. Pairing with just coffee itself comes across to be too sweet for our liking, thus we are giving it a score of 3/5.



A Singaporean-based company, started right at the heart of the pandemic, in the year 2020. Seeing a gap in the oat milk market, this southeast Asia brand is taking the market by storm. We were curious too, to find out what the hype and following are all about. This is our verdict,

Retail Price: RM14.50/L

Nutty: 3.5/5

Malty: 4/5

Milk steaming texture: 4/5

Pairing with coffee (Latte): 4.5/5

After having tasted all 4 oat milk brands, we can only come to a conclusion of the clear winner. Oatside! Just by tasting it with oat milk alone, the creaminess and mouthful have a perfect balance of texture and taste. Pairing it with coffee brings out a balancing sweetness and nuttiness, yet not overpowering the taste of coffee itself. 


We can now see why Oatside is taking the industry by storm. We would gladly recommend anyone the Oatside brand too for their alternative milk. We would have to crown Oatside the King of Oat Milk 2022, until next year. Thank you.

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**Just to note here we are in no way sponsored/paid/contacted by end of these oat milk brands. All of the opinions above are just our own, and we take pride in being independent. 

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