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Single Origin Coffee vs. Blends - Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

Single Origin Coffee vs. Blends - Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

The age-old debate in the specialty coffee world, single origin vs. coffee blends? Which is better? In this article, we are going to go through what our opinions are, and which is the right choice for you as a consumer.

What is a Single Origin Coffee?

A Single Origin coffee is a coffee from one country and one region. So you will see names on coffee bags that mention Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Ethiopia is the country and Yirgacheffe is the region. So whenever you look at a bag of coffee, you can generally identify if it's a single origin when there is only one country stated on the bag.

Why choose a Single Origin Coffee?


Photo by Isaac Matthew on Unsplash

The purpose of a roaster selling single-origin coffee is to showcase the distinct tasting notes and characteristics of a coffee in a particular region or farm. This can't be done with a blend. In general, a single origin tends to be of a higher grade when compared with a blend, and the direct work of the coffee farmer is then highlighted. Single-origin coffee is suitable for you if,

- you are looking for something more unique and specific

- you love exploring your senses in coffee

- you are looking for a more exotic taste profile, and are not afraid of acidity.

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What is a Coffee Blend?

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

A blend is a combination of two or more coffee from different countries. So you might see a blend of Brazil + Colombia, or Brazil + Papua New Guinea + Java Arabica. All these are blends that a roaster created to achieve a certain taste profile. You can also generally find blends that are suitable for espresso. The reason a coffee blend is created is to bring out a particular tasting note that is intended by the roaster. A blend is suitable for you if,

- you like your coffee repeatable and having the same consistency

- you prefer your coffee to be nutty and chocolaty

- you are just starting out in the coffee world and would like an introductory coffee

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Single Origin vs Coffee Blend, Which is right for you?

There is no one size fits all answer, as coffee is all about individual preferences. The general rule of thumb is this if you are looking for a crispy, clean, and slightly acidic cup, go for a single origin. If you are looking for coffee with milk, usually an espresso-based blend would work well. 

So did we get you all confused now? Check out the video below to see what our owner, Josh Teo thinks about this topic.

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